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Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls (2000)

Ryan and Jennifer are opposites who definitely do not attract. At least that's what they always believed. When they met as twelve-year-olds, they disliked one another. When they met again as teenagers, they loathed each other. But when they meet in college, the uptight Ryan and the free-spirited Jennifer find that their differences bind them together and a rare friendship develops.

Plot Keywords: soulmates, new love, platonic love, lovers, girlfriend, model student, friendship, motherly love, student movie, student, university, relationship

RéalisateurRobert Iscove
ÉcrivainsAndrew Miller, Andrew Lowery
Sociétés de ProductionDimension Films, Punch 21 Productions
Pays de ProductionUnited States of America
Langue ParléeEnglish

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