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I'm Not There

I'm Not There (2007)

Six actors portray six personas of music legend Bob Dylan in scenes depicting various stages of his life, chronicling his rise from unknown folksinger to international icon and revealing how Dylan constantly reinvented himself.

Plot Keywords: rock 'n' roll, music style, success, john f. kennedy, advancement, bob dylan, biography, music, beatnik, motorcycle crash

RéalisateurTodd Haynes
ÉcrivainsTodd Haynes, Oren Moverman
Sociétés de ProductionJohn Wells Productions, Wells Productions, Killer Films, John Goldwyn Productions, Endgame Entertainment, Dreamachine, Film & Entertainment VIP Medienfonds 4 GmbH & Co. KG (I), Grey Water Park Productions, Rising Star
Pays de ProductionUnited States of America
Langue ParléeEnglish

Titres Alternatifs

아임 낫 데어
I'm Not There.
I'm Not There: Suppositions on a Film Concerning Dylan
Im Not There