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I, Robot

I, Robot (2004)

In 2035, where robots are common-place and abide by the three laws of robotics, a techno-phobic cop investigates an apparent suicide. Suspecting that a robot may be responsible for the death, his investigation leads him to believe that humanity may be in danger.

Plot Keywords: suicide, artificial intelligence, man vs machine, chicago, illinois, based on novel or book, hero, future, law, dystopia, police, murder, robot, humanoid robot

RéalisateurAlex Proyas
ÉcrivainsAkiva Goldsman, Jeff Vintar, Jeff Vintar, Isaac Asimov, Marc Marcum
Sociétés de ProductionDavis Entertainment, Laurence Mark Productions, Canlaws Productions, 20th Century Fox, Overbrook Entertainment, Mediastream Vierte Film GmbH & Co. Vermarktungs KG
Pays de CountriesUnited States of America, Germany

Titres Alternatifs

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