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Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West (2017)

Ingrid becomes obsessed with a social network star named Taylor Sloane who seemingly has a perfect life. But when Ingrid decides to drop everything and move west to be Taylor's friend, her behaviour turns unsettling and dangerous.

Plot Keywords: california, suicide attempt, obsession, based on comic, obsessed fan, mental illness, social media, personality disorder, instagram, hashtag, dependent personality disorder, joshua tree

RéalisateurMatt Spicer
ÉcrivainsMatt Spicer, David Branson Smith
Sociétés de ProductionNeon, Star Thrower Entertainment, 141 Entertainment, Universal Pictures
Pays de ProductionUnited States of America
Langue ParléeEnglish

Titres Alternatifs

Ingrid perd le nord
אינגריד מאבדת את הצפון
אינגריד נוסעת מערבה
언프리티 소셜 스타
Ингрид едет на Запад