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Spice World: The Movie

Spice World: The Movie (1997)

Zany adventure that follows The Spice Girls and their entourage (mostly fictional characters) - manager Clifford, his assistant Deborah, and filmmaker Piers (who is trying to shoot a documentary on "the real Spice Girls").

Plot Keywords: manager, pop, bus, pop culture, surreal, pop star, tour, media, celebrity, satire, fame, cult film, duringcreditsstinger, pop group

RéalisateurBob Spiers
ÉcrivainsKim Fuller, Jamie Curtis
Sociétés de CompanyColumbia Pictures
Pays de ProductionUnited Kingdom
Langue ParléeEnglish

Titres Alternatifs

Spice World - The Movie
Spiceworld: The Movie
El mundo de las Spice Girls
Spiceworld - The Movie